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Mediating Workplace Conflict

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duration - 4 hours

In every work place of more than one person, conflicts are inevitable. Whenever workers think others are interfering with their pursuit of a goal, there is bound to be a clash between ideas, methods, personalities, desires, etc. Ideally, individuals would try to negotiate a mutually beneficial compromise; however, typically what they do is to take the battle underground, creating a situation in which personal victory takes precedence over advancement of team goals or organizational missions. When these struggles appear, it's not really the conflict per se that is the problem. Conflict can signal a need for change or a different way of doing business. The issue that is of the greatest importance is how to manage the conflict.

In this class we will:

  • Identify the components of conflict.
  • Determine when mediation should be used as an appropriate alternative dispute resolution method.
  • Identify the skills necessary to be an effective mediator.
  • Learn and apply effective mediation techniques.
  • Practice the four-step mediation process.

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